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We are Wasabi

We’re here to make the best sushi and bento accessible to all: an everyday choice for everyday people. Discover the freshest ingredients, freshly prepared in-store, every day. Join us on a thrilling adventure in exceptional food. Anything is possible at Wasabi.

From market stall to sushi hall

The Wasabi story began in 2003 when we opened our first branch in Embankment, London. Kim, a fresh food market trader in Camden, wanted to share his passion for fresh, authentic, handmade Japanese sushi and bento with ‘sandwich loving’ Londoners - he knew they’d love it. With a bright, clean, modern Japanese style, Wasabi presented a new lunchtime alternative of sushi, sashimi, California rolls and authentic Japanese dishes that proved immediately popular with hungry Londoners in search of something new, different and healthy. All people needed was the chance to sample quality sushi at an affordable price. His idea was both radical and unique: To be the first outlet in the UK that would sell individually wrapped pieces of sushi, offering customers a beautifully wide choice and the chance to truly experiment with the fresh delights of Japanese cuisine. Ten years on, with Kim still innovating, our friendly staff and modern outlets are the cutting edge of contemporary convenience food and still evoking the Wasabi way - to deliver a fast, flavoursome and affordable eating experience for everyone.

Our food sourcing

Wasabi is committed to ensuring that all products provided to its customers and consumers are of consistent quality, safe and fit for purpose. As a minimum, our sourcing will comply with the relevant safety standards, Codes of Practice and standards relevant to the countries in which we and our suppliers operate. We recognise the importance of supporting national production of fresh produce and meat. We will seek to support national growers and suppliers, avoiding use of air freight where possible, and also looking for opportunities to use seasonal fresh produce within our branches. We will also ensure that nationally sourced goods are given fair consideration in our product tender process, alongside other factors such as quality and price. We are committed to maintaining high standards of animal welfare and, as a result, we endorse the ‘Five Freedoms’ concept proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC).

Corporate social responsibility

At Wasabi, we pledge to: 1) We will develop our supply chain to effectively process 100% of the recyclable and compostable waste identified in our retail stores and central production unit (CPU) by the end of 2021. 2) Increase reusable delivery schemes for at least 50% of raw material deliveries into our central production unit (CPU) by the end of 2021. 3) Remove the non-recyclable laminated cards from our own-brand products by Summer 2021. 4) Make all our own brand packaging out of widely recyclable or home compostable material by Summer 2021. 5) Increase customer information on all packaging by Autumn 2021. 6) Make 90% of all UK business packaging reusable or out of widely recyclable or home compostable material by the end of 2024.