Wasabi rewards is launching soon


Wasabi Rewards will be launching very soon!

With Wasabi Rewards, you’ll earn a point for every penny you spend, so whether you’re stopping in for a snack or for a feast, you’re always on your way to earning delicious rewards.


What to do if  you were a Wasabi Club member

Wasabi Club ended  on 3rd September. Those who made a purchase using their BINK/Barclays linked card have been automatically moved over to Wasabi Rewards, and we’ve converted each one of your stamps to 700 points.


What to do if you haven’t made a Wasabi Club (BINK/Barclays linked) purchase in the past 12 months

You will need to sign up again when we launch.

If you have any questions about Wasabi Rewards, please get in touch using our contact form.